Quiénes somos

Jun-E Tan

Running around with a hammer

I am a freelance researcher on issues related to sustainable development. I write, I talk to people, I try to make as big a difference as I can. I’ve been running MESYM.com since 2013, an online platform for environmental issues in Malaysia. My motivation for working on MESYM.com is to amplify... Leer más

Leonardo Losoviz

Founder of PoP

I’m the founder of the PoP framework. I’ve been working in this project since April 2013, when developing the website for MESYM (https://www.mesym.com), an environmental NGO in Malaysia which I co-founded. Later on, I’ve used the software to launch other projects, such as TPP Debat... Leer más

Bienvenidos a PoP Demo!
Yet another “breaking the information monopoly” website

Use PoP Demo para ver cómo funciona un típico sitio web PoP. Juegue con el mismo: cree una cuenta de usuario, agregue un post, añada comentarios, siga a otros usuarios, recomiende contenido…