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A Good Credit Score-How To Keep And Improve It

A Good Credit Score-How To Keep And Improve It

What is a credit score? It is what tells your creditor whether you will be able to pay off your loan and also decides if you will have a high or low-interest rate. It consists of three numbers. If your credit score is low, then there is every possibility that your easy loan fast application will be disapproved, of course, you will not want this to happen, but your loan application will only be approved if you have a good credit score.

A good credit score is 700 or higher, this is stated by experts. This is not an unrealistic figure to achieve as statistics have shown that 60% of people are able to do this. The thing you must do to get this number is paid your bills on time which includes credits cards and other loans that you have had in the past. By doing this you will stop yourself incurring any penalties that will be reflected and lower your credit report.

Why are some people not able to get a good credit score? This may be that they have been unable to pay their bills on time or have not paid a loan back as it was scheduled. If this is so then the amount of money they owe begins to accumulate. This often happens because of some peoples uncontrollable urge to shop, while watching the interest grow on their  debts.

Those who ignore calls or any mail from there bank or loan company will be dubbed as unpaid. This information is posted on your credit report, so lenders which you might approach in the future will already be careful of coming to a loan agreement with you.

Basically, to obtain a good credit score, you have to pay your debts. Cutting down on your expenses, working overtime, even getting a second job and selling some stuff can be a help, but normally it is not enough. This is why it is always best to talk to your creditors so an arrangement can be made with them.

Another option could be to borrow money from friends and relatives. The main benefit of doing this is that they hopefully will not charge you any interest. But remember if you do not repay them you will lose the only people you can turn to if you have a problem.

You could receive a good credit score if you are able to monitor your expenses. One piece of advice that a lot of experts say is that if you have a credit card, you should only use up about 25% of the limit. To avoid interest, make sure that you pay the whole amount and not just the minimum at the end of the month.

A good credit score should be at least 700 and above is even better. This will mean you are able to get loans at a low-interest rate. Always remember, you may be doing well this year, but things can always change over the next 12 months. So if you wish to keep things as they are, monitor where your money is going, because when it comes to overspending, there is no one to blame except yourself.

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The Writing Profession in the Digital Era

The Writing Profession in the Digital Era

The Writing Profession in the Digital Era

Back in the 20th century, becoming a writer meant using a pen and paper or a typewriter to pursue a love of words. By seeking out the more common writer jobs, such as being a journalist or editorial writer, a writer is said to be pursuing his true ambition and passion for the field. In fact, the closest that era got to the digital age was having our parents use simple word processing programs in place of their typewriter as the 20th century came to a close. A lot has changed for writers since that era.

The modern writing sphere has no concept of writer limitations. That is because there is none on the internet. A writer doesn’t need to pursue regular employment as well as a publication. A writer can independently work for himself these days. All he needs is an internet connection and a dedication to his job. Due to the lack of physical limitation in the internet writing sphere, the modern writer finds himself not needing the traditional publications and writing platforms to make a name for himself. Self-publication is slowly rising as a method of self-promotion for writers with the self-published authors reaping more popularity and financial benefit from the system.

Why has the digital era made it so easy to be a writer these days? It became easier because telecommuting or freelance jobs became more prolific among those in the writing field. For example, a writer who works as an academic freelance writer will find that helping students fulfill their academic writing needs is a method of helping students in the digital era. Thus, the digital era of writing has succeeded in creating a new niche for writers in the future.

I’ve often come across students who say “I need help with my assignment.” I point these kids in the direction of the new place where they can find that sort of help, the internet, and an academic help website. These are the places to ask writers to help a student with his or her task discreetly. The modern era of writing has allowed students to create a backdoor channel for academic help, with writers and students both excited to help develop this field further down the line.

As writers though, we must always be cognizant of the fact that our writing associates are no longer the same. The writing evolution using the digital platform has changed the way writers deliver their written work to their readers based on a digital platform. Changes have occurred to the way people receive news, a change in the way news is delivered, and that blogging has taken on a life of its own in the year 2018.

Vetting news Sources

Fake news is the word of the year for 2018. It seems like overnight; it has become impossible to easily double check news sources because of our “post-truth” society. Now, people take their news from formerly reliable outlets with a sense of skepticism about the reports. It isn’t enough for writers now to confirm information. They need to do deeper research that will collaborate their report first. Without vetting other sources for accuracy of information, as included in the news report, people start screaming “Fake News!” the minute the first word is uttered on a television news program or read over an online newspaper. Writers now have a greater responsibility when informing their readers. It is not enough to simply publish news based on hearsay or collated information. Proof of the validity of the news data must also be included so that the writer will not be seen as a “Fake” writer.

Informality is Becoming More Accepted in Writing Circles

There was a time when people had to speak two forms of English. The formal English language used in professional circles news or creative writing and the casual English used in a more informal setting. The latter being the English slang terms used among friends in a relaxed atmosphere. These days, the two forms of English presentation have been successfully merging thanks to the innovative ways that writers have inserted text-speak and modern slang into their daily writing presentations. Therefore, the writing styles have also become less formal and more relaxed in the presentation. The written text borders on the two English speaking worlds, making the articles written more interesting because of it.

An Explosion of World Wide Interest in Writing

Social media has successfully done what academic educators have consistently failed to do. These avenues of self-expression have triggered a love for writing among people across the world. It doesn’t matter the language used or the method of presentation; more people are just expressing themselves in a written form these days. The phenomena can be considered as being positive, meanwhile meaning people are communicating more and developing their skills and talents as writers. This was something that was unheard of in the early 20th century but has become the norm in the 21st century.

These trends are not groundbreaking for writers to hear about in the 21st century. We’ve been seeing its evolution over time anyway. We knew it was coming and would continue to reinvent itself for writers as time progressed. Right now, writers are looking for the next big thing to hit the writing industry. There are a few potentials in this field:

Technical Writing Trends

The days of booklet thick instruction manuals can be considered as gone ones. These days, technical writing is written in the form of a script for a quick install video or a short FAQ booklet. Technical writing no longer involves writing pages and pages of instructions and drawing illustration of what to do to assemble a product. The booklet thick reference materials are now doled out in pdf downloadable format on company websites for users to refer to. This soft copy is a digital representation of what used to be called an “instruction manual

E-Books Will Continue to Dominate the Market

Writers have come to realize that by self-publishing an e-book, they can cut out the middleman and keep most of the profit for themselves. Self-publication is the key to that concept and places like Amazon are only more than too happy to help the authors in this respect.

Audiobooks Will Change the Way Books Are Read

Writers will be adjusting their writing styles to be more vocally dramatic and involving for the reader. That is because the audio gadgets such as Amazon Echo will make the electronic reading of books a more enjoyable aspect of reading than the actual reading activity. Readers can now enjoy being read to as they doze off to sleep at night, regardless of whether the story being read is children’s fairytale or an adult novel.

Based upon these emerging and trendsetting trends in the digital era of writing, students will find it easier to complete their homework on their own. However, there will still be instances when they will find that they will need help in writing their assignments. There will be students who will always deem themselves as needing help with “my assignment” because they are not native English speakers or, they are not well versed in using digital writing sources in the development of their homework. This is when our company can come in to help the student complete their assignment. Give us a call to find out how we can help.




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