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After the Interview: The Dos and Don’ts

The journey to landing a job offer can be lengthy, especially in today’s market where there are more qualified candidates available than job openings. Securing an interview with an employer is a great first step and properly preparing for that interview is another major step, but what about after the interview?

One’s effort to securing a job is not over until an offer is on the table and all paperwork has been signed. Make sure you know the essential dos and don’ts following an interview.

Post-Interview Dos

Write a follow-up/thank you note to each person you met with. Follow-up/thank you notes should be sent the same day or at the latest, within 24 hours, of your meeting. It is an opportunity for you to reiterate your interest in the company and the position. It also provides an opportunity to restate how you are a suitable fit. If you are following up with several individuals, do not use the same message for each contact. You want to personalize each note with information based on your conversation. How you deliver the note should be based on your understanding of how best to reach the contact, whether it is via mail or e-mail.

Notify your references. Unless there is another round of interviews requested, the next likely step the employer will take is contacting your references. By notifying and preparing your reference contacts in advance with information on the employer and the position you are applying for, he/she will be in a better position to share with the employer specific attributes and qualities you offer that the employer may view valuable.

Review and mentally recap the questions and responses from the interview . It is important for employers to see consistency in what you say and do. For example, if organization is a characteristic you strongly highlighted during an interview then you want to make sure all your communication and behavior shows such a characteristic. You do not want to contradict anything you say. At the same time, if there were any areas you did not respond as confidently as you would have liked during the interview, by reviewing and recapping mentally, you have an opportunity to think over how you may respond should that topic come up again.

Post-Interview Don’ts

Don’t be impatient. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to know the status of where you stand for a position, you do not want to come across annoying or overly anxious (or even desperate). Key to avoiding such a situation is checking out Top Resumes Writers reviews before the interview. By asking toward the end of the interview questions such as “How soon will a decision be made?” or “What are the next steps?” you will have a better sense of when to expect a response. If by chance the employer has not responded by the time stated, your follow up call or message will not come off as annoying or desperate.

Don’t burn bridges. Even if you come out of the interview feeling the position is not for you, it is important to maintain professionalism and be respectful. You never know when you will come across these contacts again or if the company has other job openings that are more suitable to your interests.

Don’t stop your job hunt. Many times candidates come out of an interview feeling great and are confident that a job has been secured. While it’s great to feel confident, it is not a reason to stop the job hunt. Until a job offer is on the table, you should continue your job hunting efforts. Also, once a job offer is on the table, there is the negotiation process which is not always a streamline process. By continuing your job hunting efforts, you are at a greater advantage with potentially several job offers to consider and it may also be used as leverage to negotiating a better deal.

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