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Financial Economics Reports

The work should be presented in the form of a brief written report. The report should:

1) show understanding of the tasks undertaken

2) focus on the interpretation of obtained results

3) contain the source codes of the numerical software used to make computations in each step.

There will be 5 steps (problems). First step is Risk Premium. Second step is Interest rate compounding (calculate annual compounding, continuos compounding and simple compounding). Third step is Bonds and the Yield Curve. Forth step is CDS basis (calculate time series). Fifth step is Nelson-Siegel. I will send full instructions given by teacher.

Alberta is currently being heavily effected by the oil and gas industry while the Toronto housing market is hot. Compare the beginning and rise of Canadian real estate investment trust (REIT’s) such as boardwalk REIT.

Make a case study

Assuming you have $1million in capital to invest in real estate in Canada and using the research already completed compare and contrast applying the limited capital you have in both markets. If you have problems with your capital, try installment loans for bad credit 24/7. The score history should include past 5 year trends and the next 5 to 10 year potential. Please use actual properties for sale using professional appraisal techniques to determine a fair price of the property.


You are required at the end of the semester to submit a final project in the form of a paper in which you recommend the stock of a particular company or corporation to clients for investment purposes. The final project will be completed in three stages. Consult the Course Calendar for due dates related to the final project.

Stage 1 completed

Stage 2: Interim Report

Stage 2 will be an interim report of the information you have so far gathered for your final project. You will use the list of companies from Stage 1 to begin your research with the goal of eventually narrowing it down to a final choice. In your interim report be sure to include: a list of which companies/corporations you have narrowed your search to include and why you have selected these companies/corporations over other options brief profiles of those companies/corporations

Stage 3: Final Project Paper

In Stage 3, you selected the company in which you will be investing the funds of your clients for profit sharing. Investigate the company further using the Internet, online databases available through the myEdison portal such as EBSCOhost and ProQuest, and databases available through the New Jersey State Library. Links to the online databases and the New Jersey State Library can be found in the myEdison portal under My Resources< Educational. Use your findings to create a report that covers the following: Introduction: Provide a brief focus statement on what the reader can expect.

Selection of the company: Provide a brief profile of the selected company, the other companies you considered, and the criteria you used in making your decision. Focus on how the criteria helped you select the company you chose, not why you rejected the others. Financial statements: Explain your analysis of the financial statements, including income statements, balance sheet cash flow statement, Show your analysis. Capital budgeting: Show how the company has used capital budgeting analysis to determine revenue enhancement investments, cost reduction investments, and made mandatory investments required by the government. Portfolio analysis, investment, and diversification: Present your analysis of the expected rate of return and volatility and the effect on portfolio diversification.

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