How do college homework?

How do you do lessons? Surely the answer is simple – boring sitting at the table until late at night. But it’s so tedious and not interesting, right? Did you know that homework is easy and fun? And for that you do not need so much.

Providing the absolute independence of the parents with homework, as well as excessive care – the same is not true. Because indifference hurts the child and custody leads to irresponsibility, because the child quickly realizes that the lessons he has always done with the help of parents.

How to find a middle ground? The correct solution is to establish a competent process of doing homework. To do this, arrange the workplace for the child, adjust the daily routine, discuss with the child sequence of homework.

At the beginning of training homework process may be delayed because the child gets tired quickly, can not concentrate for long periods, allows a lot of corrections and errors. In this case, you are required patience and support, but do not need to do their homework for the child . The first successes easily lock into place the next day. But do not make the child several times to engage in rewriting operation.

Over time, homework preparation process will go faster. And the child will have enough of your presence, rather than direct intervention in the classes. You will only monitor the quality of homework.

Basic tips with homework are as follows.

Homework better after an hour or two after returning home from school. In this case, the child will have time to take a break from schoolwork.

Does not require that all the lessons have been made at a time. This is not true. For 7-8 year old child performing continuous homework time should not exceed 20-30 minutes, to 13 years – 30-40 minutes. It is necessary to pause for 5 minutes. During pauses the child is better to move actively.

Long sitting on the lessons overtired child. After school the day of its performance is significantly reduced, and at home he should get plenty of rest.

No need to invent a child extra homework. Do not over again classwork, do enough work on the bugs.

Rewrite something every day quickly tired child. And it discourages engaged deprives self-confidence.

Make sure that there is nothing to distract the child. In order to return the child to work, if he is still distracted, quite calmly recalled: “Write, be engaged.”; Increased tone and irritation only distract the child from school stronger.

If the child does not understand the material, which he explained in school, explain and disassemble the theme home.

Gradually, the Parental Control should fall. Monitor only when the child sits at home job. During the course come several times, stand next to a couple of minutes and leave. Gradually, the child will learn to do homework himself, he begins to show you only the result.

And do not forget about the main thing – rejoice in the success of a child interested in his school life, come to the aid of the difficulties.

About the Author: Fiona Weber is a journalist. She is interested in education so he writes at

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