When Disqus announced it would be releasing new, subscription-based versions later this year, users didn’t expect to have the new advertising model injected into their sites without notice. […] users are reporting that the advertising has already been forced into their comments without warning.

It is now possible to export all data in the website, through the addition of the share button “API Data”. This way, your PoP website truly becomes a platform, from where 3rd party developers can, through the public API, consume your information and show it on their own websites, interact with mobile apps, etc.

WordCamp Europe is a global conference dedicated to all things WordPress that happens annually in a different European city. Every year WordCamp Europe gives the European WordPress community a chance to gather together in a new beautiful location to geek-out, share experiences, do business, and most of all, talk WordPress. It’s an opportunity to welcome WordPress community members from all over the globe to our continent to experience the diversity and culture that makes us so unique.

The 50 CODE_n CONTEST finalists will benefit from:
– Free exhibition space at new.NewFestival
– Wealth of public attention
– Direct lines to partners and investors
– Contact to potential customers
– €30,000 and the prestigious CODE_n Award

The CODE_n16 CONTEST is on the look out for young entrepreneurs with fresh, unconventional Business ideas. The contest takes place each year and is based on an issue of global importance. Ist aim is to identify and promote the most promising startups from around the world. Is your startup driving the digital future? Take your chance and apply now!

Welcome to PoP Demo!
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Use PoP Demo to see how a PoP website works. Go ahead and play with it: register, create a post, add comments, follow other users, recommend content...