PoP framework to be presented in AoIR 2016

We are very proud to have been accepted to present a paper on the PoP framework in AoIR 2016, the conference for internet researches, on October 5th to 8th in Berlin, Germany.

During our presentation, we will show how the PoP software works, and how it attempts to break the information monopoly from large internet companies by allowing websites to bundle together into PoP networks, allowing their users to interact with other website’s users. We’ll also delve into how PoP could spur an ecosystem of websites exchanging content for micro-payments, allowing websites’ owners to be part of the digital economy.

We hope we can attract interest from other researchers and attendees, and forge collaborations to make this project bigger. While in Berlin, we’ll also take the occasion to present the framework in different software conferences and events. If you’re from Berlin, or happen to be there next October, and you’re interested to know more about PoP, let us know and we can meet!

Welcome to PoP Demo!
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Use PoP Demo to see how a PoP website works. Go ahead and play with it: register, create a post, add comments, follow other users, recommend content...